Double End Punching Dodge Speed Ball

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Double End Boxing Dodge Speed Ball PU Leather Inflatable Muay Thai MMA Training Floor to Ceiling Punching Bag

- The inner part is an inflatable tank with two elastic ropes of high elasticity, which can be trained after the two ends are fixed.
- It is made of strong PU leather and durable.
- Widely used to practice boxing speed.
- Improve your endurance, speed and accuracy.
- High quality PU leather design, practical and durable.
- Suitable for boxing, free fighting, Taekwondo or other boxing training.

Main material: high quality PU leather
Product color: Yellow, White, Red
Ball size: 350x180x180mm/13.8x7.08x7.08"
Product net weight: 400g
Stretch length to: 225cm/88.6"
Length including rope: 137cm/53.9"

Usage method:
Use a pump to inflate the ball (NOT full). 
Fix the spring ropes on both ends to floor and ceiling or left and right, which is very convenient and practical.